Who We Are

About Humanity Mall, Inc.

We like to say that we are the local non profit with the global platform, allowing our members to SHOP | EARN | GIVE

Not only do we provide fantastic shopping deals throughout the Internet, but we also make significant to the charities, causes, non-profits or schools of your choice with almost every purchase you make.  When you shop with Humanity Mall, you don’t just find awesome deals and savings, you also GIVE. And, at NO extra cost to you!

Who can I help when shopping at Humanity Mall?

Everyone! Anyone! Humanity Mall is connected to many of world’s top non-profits and causes, which means that you can shop for your cause, regardless of its size and scale: whether it’s your local animal shelter or a national cancer research organization.  And, for whatever reason your favorite organization is not listed, it’s a very simple process to get them added to the list.

We’re in the non-profit business of helping organizations do everything, ranging from medical research to book buying drives for local schools, to helping solve pollution problems in your local neighboring cities.  These efforts are only possible through your continued faith and support.  And, we wholeheartedly thank-you!

How do I get started?

If you have a particular cause in mind that your would really like to have your online purchases support, simply go to our “Submit A Cause” page and complete the application.  We have many great organization already listed and available for your selection.  Read about them, review their mission and make a selection.  Nothing is permanent and you can change up your selection as often as you would like.  (Coming Soon – Support multiple causes and split your donations as you feel is best!) Contact information is provided for each and every organization that is a partner with Humanity Mall and please feel free to do all the research you feel is necessary until your are comfortable with your selection.   Here is a great resource to help make your selection!  Once you have made your selection, you are good-to-go!  Check out our list of amazing retailers and fantastic offers and start racking-up the donations!

Our Impact

Can you imagine a world, where everyone participated with Humanity Mall? And, did their shopping with us?  Do comprehend the amount of good we could do?  Astronomical ! ! !

Annually, billions of dollars of e-commerce purchases are made every year!  If even a tiny, small, minuscule fraction, (say 1.5%) of those monies were able to be funneled towards the non-profit sector, we’re talking $100,000,000 millions of dollars per year would be available for all these great charities, causes and organizations to continue to do their goodness!  And, Humanity Mall is grateful to be part of this process and do what we can, when we can!  We thank you for your interest in Humanity Mall and as we always say SHOP | EARN | GIVE



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